BoycottBlackFriday: One Day Won’t Work

I’m all for boycotting Black Friday. Its easy for me because I never fell into the hype of shopping on Black Friday. If you call for a boycott Friday what difference will it make if you are showing up at the stores on Saturday, Sunday or any day thereafter.

Real economic pressure will come from boycotting the holiday season.

When the American government wants to hurt and cripple the economy of another country they pull their money and businesses out of that country. This is the season where our voice, through our dollars, can be heard loud and clear. This is the season where we can show we matter and not just our dollars.

When Prosecutor Bob McCulloch stood on television and outlined all the reasons why Darren Wilson was not indicted he  outlined the reasons why the judicial system was not set up for Black men or the Black community. We need to stop taking it. I was proud to see all the peaceful protest across the country and not discouraged at all by the many tweets from white people calling us animals. These are the same people who riot over damn hockey games or winning the world series but can’t empathize with the hurt and anger we feel time and time again as killers of our sons and daughters are slaughtered like animals?  We need to divest in the America that continues to believe we are less than dogs because if you kill a dog in America you are definitely doing jail time.

I’m sorry, I’m really angry. I’m angry that Darren Wilson referred to Mike Brown as ‘it’. I’m mad as hell that he referred to him as a Hulk, again not human. The whole lets fall back with the ravenous dog line that killers fall back on because they feel threatened. Money matters to this country and one way to get the attention in this country is to take money away and as a whole we have a lot of damn money to take away this season.

I’m sure it will be uncomfortable for many but what about the discomfort in 1955 when our ancestors chose to walk instead of taking the bus during that boycott.  This reblog from yesterday needs to be read again, tweeted again, and face booked again. Let us s use this moment to teach our children what it means to stand for something. What it means to fight for human rights, because in 2014 we are still fighting for basic human rights and that is a damn shame.

We have a lot of work to do. We have a lot of organizing to do in our communities and boycotting this holiday season is a start but it can’t be for one day. It just can’t because it won’t work.



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