On Solidarity: We Support the St. Louis Rams


So there were some real hurt feelings over the solidarity some of the teammates of the St. Louis Rams displayed yesterday before the start of their game. The St. Louis police are angry over the show of support. Some fans started a Twitter hashtag RamsfanNoMore.The St. Louis police want a public apology and the NFL to punish those players. The audacity makes me numb. The hypocrisy is blatant.
I’ve listened for the last two weeks of white America defend Darren Wilson. I honestly do not have a problem with that because just like these men showing solidarity to their community white people have the same right.

What I do have a problem with is white America’s consistent disinterest and lack of empathy when it comes to our community. They immediately go into defense mode and start yelling senseless and irrelevant rhetoric to defend their lack of compassion. That is fine if you can’t show empathy to others who do not look like you but don’t stop us.

I guess its fine as long as we are entertaining you in football. I guess its okay if we are dancing or singing but we have to keep our solidarity hidden? Sorry not sorry but we are done trying to fit your narrative on who is an American and who deserves to be heard.

I stand with Ferguson

I stand with the players of the St. Louis Rams



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