On Foreign Television: Danish TV on Netflix

I’m a huge fan of foreign television. I’ve shared more than a few Netflix finds on my blog. A few weeks ago I discovered two interesting shows from Denmark and like a good neighbor I’m passing them on to my blogging friends πŸ™‚

Although the youtube trailers are not subtitled both are available on Netflix with English subtitles.


Dicte Svendsen is a crime reporter in Aarhus -Demark’s second largest city and one I never heard of. The protagonist is played by Iben Hjejle, a very popular Danish actress, also whom I never heard of. I love a good crime show in any language andΒ I enjoyed this one for the story, scenery, and awesome cast. Like any good crime reporter Dicte is very good at solving crimes albeit to the angst of police captain John Wagner. The other members of the cast, her daughter, co-workers, and friends round out the show with the proper amount of drama and humor.

Very much worth a watch this weekend if you are looking for something other than football or reality television.


Rita Madsen, played by Mille Dinesen, is a school teacher and divorced single parent. She is an awesome teacher and Β she maneuvers her way around the kids and faculty brilliantly. She fights for the underdog and does a hilarious job at it but her life decisions are horrible. She is a hot ass mess and by the end of the eighth episode you will be looking for season 2 immediately.

Fun Fact: I just read that Bravo bought the rights to shoot an American version but so far nothing has happened. It would be interesting although I very rarely love television remakes.

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