On Print Magazines: Can’t Go Digital

I’ve been in bed sick for the last several days with a bad head cold turned migraine. Not much you can do when your head feels like it is filling up with cold water but I was able to peruse a few magazines. I couldn’t concentrate enough to read but looking at ads and sexy fashion spreads always make me look forward to all the stuff I want to buy when I get well.
It kills me that printed magazines and books are doing so poorly. I love coming home to a new subscription in my mailbox and flipping through pages of eye candy and making note of what articles I’m going to read on the train the next day.
I’ve tried the digital access magazines and books on Kindle and yes, I agree they are a bit more convenient but they just don’t carry the same excitement of a physical print. I like to rip out pages and make vision boards or save certain how-to articles in folders I can go back to. I guess that’s lame but its something I don’t want to give up in this digital age.



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