When Revolution Comes on The Longest Night

I’ve been a follower of Butterfly-Confessions for a few years now. This right here speaks to my soul and what I’ve been feeling lately. She wraps it up poetically giving a lyrical beat to what my heart has been crying for weeks. Had to share. Just had to.

Butterfly Confessions

It is the longest night in human history.

One for revolution.

For breaking points, breaking out, and breaking through.

For being plunged into a darkness that will require us to use our hearts to see.

For feeling the full weight of our chains and rattling them until we’ve come loose.

For the rooting of our feet and the locking of arms against the onslaught of the past.

For yielding to what’s rising within and all around.

For standing firm and not shrinking back.

For answering history’s call to move forward at all costs.

For answering nature’s call to evolve beyond our ingrained desire for the ways it’s always been.

It is a night for rebirth.

A night for rending and tearing.

A night for exposing the soft flesh of our underbelly and gutting it.

A night for bloodletting and transfusion.

A night for labor, the pressure of history causing us…

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