On Resolutions: Maybe Just a Few Goals

I have to admit 2014 was truly a horrible year for me.

I made a LOT of mistakes, miscalculated a lot of situations, grew too comfortable, put dreams on hold… As the year was closing I tried very hard to put things in perspective or into their proper order but it seemed things spiraled so far out of my control that things had to play out they way they started. I wish I could say oh what a productive year I had or how blessed I feel for the abundance of things I learned etc…but all I can say is I learned a lot.

I learned that I do not want to go through the rest of my life alone. I have wonderful family but no significant other and for a long time I didn’t let it bother me but 2014 was probably the loneliest year I have ever had. I’ve been single but this is the first time I felt truly alone.

I learned if I want to have the life I truly want that just wanting it was not getting it for me.

I learned, very much the hard way, that if I don’t save and be financially fiscal that alone or with a partner I will forever feel poor despite the possessions I have.

I learned that my planning skills suck. I wait till the last minute on things and go from A to J and the steps missing in between are necessary and mandatory to do anything with excellence. I need to prepare better.

I didn’t have a very good 2014…there were ahhhh moments but geesh were they harsh lessons. I will admit I do feel blessed to an extent because the biggest thing I learned in 2014 is that no matter how far I fell or how hard I hit the concrete, I got back up. I may have dragged myself up and I may not feel completely erect but I’m still on my feet.

I guess, I can look at all this and turn them into goals plus have a few more for 2015. So, yeah I have a few goals I need to work on both internally and externally of myself and hopefully I won’t be crying the same song come year end… My biggest hope for 2015 is that I learn, really learn, to leave the baggage of 2014 at yesterday’s door.

So,my wonderful blogging family how was your 2014 and what are your goals for 2015?


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