On Vision Boards: Visualizing 2015

A good friend of mine encouraged me to create a vision board last month. I wasn’t thinking specifically about the new year  when I did it, I was just hoping to expose my desires on something outside of myself  so I could see it and have to explain it. Attached is my small board I created to keep at my desk.

The background of my vision board are scraps of articles from Vanity Fair, Essence Magazine, and the Atlantic. I read and flip through a lot of magazines, I love them and it is my desire to one day be either featured in one or contribute an article. Lofty dream and I feel silly typing it out loud to my blogging family but there it is…my desire spoken

I have several quotes to remind me to keep going and be brave because as a writer, I’m going to start referring to myself as a writer and stop treating the word as it were too lofty for me, I need those reminders.

There are books on my vision board…the good old-fashioned kind I love because one day I will have a published book with my name on it sitting in someones kindle or library.

I debated about putting the picture of the woman and the man waiting for her at what looks like a fancy restaurant because it was a relationship article. I loathe those articles because they always make it seem so easy to date, to get engaged, or married but its not…well it hasn’t been for me but a relationship is still something I long for.

La Vie est Belle because life is very beautiful and I want a beautiful life filled with people I love and places to see…and a nice bike goes with all that 🙂

There are pictures of beautiful and stylish black women on my board who I think not only represent the physical but the mental beauty I love. I am not always secure in my looks. I worry too much about my hair or my skin or if I”m ageing well enough…I know most women have these issues and I do a fairly good job of talking myself out of my self-depreciation but I’d still like to go look in the mirror and just be happy with who I see.

I put stickie notes on my board because every week I work towards a writing project and if I post it to my board I see everything I want getting closer by completing one of those tasks.

I know all of these things won’t come together in twelve months but seeing my dream on a board helps to keep me focused on getting the life I want.

So, I ask you my blogging family- have any of you created a vision board for 2015? If you have done them before how has your visualization materialized for you?


8 thoughts on “On Vision Boards: Visualizing 2015

  1. I share your dream of writing for or being featured in a magazine. I love how you’ve embraced that dream and make it plain for the world to see. I added the words “bestseller list” to my vision board because I’d love to be on anybody’s (lol) bestseller list. We have to have big dreams because we never know what is possible once we focus on achieving them.


  2. I attended a workshop this weekend where we created Vision Boards. Of ten Life Areas, we were challenged to create a Vision Board for the one area we wish to transform. The areas: Community Involvement; Life’s Work; Personal Growth; Financial; Health & Wellness; Relationships; Spiritual; Fun & Recreation; Personal Environment; and Personal Presentation. I chose Personal Environment. I value a space that allows me to connect with nature (nature represents GOD for me). I value a space that allows me to center myself and create (write). I wish I could post my board here to share, but I’m not that technologically savvy – – Oh well, Happy New Year and thanks for sharing.


    1. I thinkbi tried to hit a bit of those on my board. A workshop sounds interesting because i know it pulls more out of you abd what you need to transform. Thanks for sharing…i’d like to see your board.


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