On Mr. Mercedes: Book One Done

Mr MercedesMy goal to read fifty-two books this year is off to a good start. I finished book one-Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes, 436p.

Synopsis: Bill Hodges is a retired cop and his last case, a driver that mowed down men, women, and a baby in a stolen Mercedes as they waited in line for a job fair, remains unsolved. Months after the tragedy the killer gets in touch with the cop and taunts him about committing suicide which ignites the old detective fire giving Hodges a reason to live and bring the scum down. King goes back and forth with perspectives from the cop and the psychopath killer which builds the intensity to great heights as you hope the good guy comes out the winner.

I have mentioned before how big a fan I am of Mr. King and am rarely disappointed, honestly, I don’t believe I have ever been disappointed with his storytelling,  and Mr. Mercedes surpassed my expectations. I was a little hesitant going into this book because I read quite a few reviews on Goodreads.com that were not great. A lot of  readers expected horror but Mr. Mercedes is a cat and mouse thriller. Stephen King is praised for his horror tales but he is so much more than a horror writer, he wrote Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile people. If you like a great roller coaster thriller Mr. Mercedes is a book you should read.


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