On the Book On Becoming Fearless: Struggling to Finish

I admitted last week when I announced my selection for book #2 that self help/inspirational is not a favorite genre of mine. I am struggling to finish Arianna Huffington’s On Becoming Fearless. I don’t hate it and this is not a review, yet, I’m just struggling to enjoy it. Each chapter starts off with an excerpt from a woman who has struggled with a theme-body, love, parenting…etc and how she overcame a fear or issue revolving around that issue. Arianna then proceeds to go more in depth about the theme. I do like the short introduction excerpts but I guess I’m struggling with Arianna Huffington’s expanison o the subject. As much as I admire Ms. Huffington, if you read her bio you can understand she is a phenomenal and  hardworking woman, so far I’m not connecting to her intent.

After a week of reading and avoiding reading I am only on page fifty-seven when I usually will read fifty-seven pages in less than an hour if I love what I’m reading. The book is 231 pages and I’m going to finish it this weekend because I want to move on…



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