On 101 Things In 1001 Days Challenge

I saw this challenge on one of the blogs I follow, Popped Black Woman Blog (please pop over and join. She has very interesting and encouraging post on life. Quickly became one of my faves). I was intrigued about 101 Things because its not quite the typical resolution that challenges you to accomplish/change your life in one year, this challenge gives you 2.75 years to accomplish goals.

It took me almost a week to think of things I wanted to do in 101 days because I wanted them to be very realistic combining the hard with the simple. I divided my list into categories so I can keep track of goals. I wrote the goals on index cards and will put  them on a calendar I am making for this challenge. Thank you very much PoppedBlackWomanBlog for bringing this to my attention and I hope you will be my #19

101 Things In 1001 Days


Writing & Blog:

  1. Write Everyday
  2. Write a play
  3. Finish Screenwriting Class
  4. Write Screenplay
  5. Submit short stories to literary magazines
  6. Enter Writing contest
  7. Post to Blog M-F
  8. Build blog following
  9. Develop and stick to cohesive blog theme
  10. Attend a Blogging Event/Conference
  11. Join Writing Group
  12. Perfect Query letters
  13. Earn money from writing
  14. Attend writing retreat (PA)
  15. Add Youtube videos
  16. New Mac
  17. Add OOTD photos to blog
  18. Focus blog on lifestyle after 40
  19. Do another Blog Feature (once a month)
  20. Keep journal of ideas and prompts


 Health and Fitness

  1. Hot yoga
  2. Exercise 3mos 30mins/day 5days
  3. Give up soda for 30 days
  4. Learn to swim
  5. Yoga for one full month
  6. Join NP Health Club
  7. Swim 3days a week
  8. Buy a new Bike
  9. Run 3miles w/out stopping
  10. Drink one gallon of water a day for month


  1. Study French Every day with the app Duolingo. LOVE IT. And signed up for class starting in April
  2. Go on Hike
  3. Read 52 Books
  4. Read five African American History Books
  5. Get Real Estate License
  6. Read 12 different genres of literature
  7. Read entire Quran
  8. Meditate
  9. Learn photography basics
  10. Take an acting class
  11. Sew-set up sewing machine
  12. Buy new DSLR camera


  1. Stop saying No to dates
  2. Discover RI Actively doing that every weekend.
  3. Visit one new restaurant in RI a month
  4. Go Skiing
  5. Rent a cabin
  6. Audition for a Play
  7. Volunteer for a play production
  8. See plays at local RI theaters
  9. Host Sunday dinners 2x a month
  10. Create one year of Autumn Photo book
  11. Transfer videos to DVD
  12. Attend new ballet production
  13. Be less selfish with my time
  14. Groupon: Take advantage of classes, restaurant, social events 12 mos
  15. Slumber Wine Party
  16. Be more active in Friendships Reaching out more and setting girl dates 🙂



  1. Visit Patrick in Cardiff
  2. Go to London
  3. Montreal Jazz Festival
  4. Essence Jazz Festival-New Orleans
  5. Road trip with family to Florida Universal Studios
  6. Family Girls Trip
  7. Take Darius to Sesame Street Place
  8. Enjoy local music festivals
  9. Rent a house at the beach

front porch


  1. Finish Dining Room Table refinish-old door (next 30 days)
  2. Redo bathroom (April-finish in 90 days)
  3. Move bedroom upstairs (ASAP)
  4. Paint bedroom & Decorate
  5. Refinish all doors in house to natural wood
  6. Re-paint kitchen
  7. Bake homemade cake once a month
  8. Make a new dish once a month from cookbook
  9. Re-finish front and back porch
  10. Hire a new landscaper to plant flowers
  11. Buy flowers once a week
  12. Grow fresh herbs
  13. Select new pictures and theme for prints to hang
  14. Make new pillows
  15. Make new curtains

 Career/Life Change Goals:

  1. Increase savings
  2. Develop business plan
  3. Execute business plan
  4. Enroll in CWE class for women entrepreneurs
  5. Enroll in SBA class for women business owners
  6. For every goal crossed off pay myself $5
  7. Create Will & Get Life Insurance Papers in order and make accessible
  8. Create Business cards


  1. Invest in a classic trench
  2. Wear a protective style for 30days
  3. Wear dresses for one month straight
  4. Clean out closet
  5. Donate to homeless charity
  6. No Television for one week
  7. Paint a canvass
  8. Spa day for Mom and Me
  9. Try the skin,hair,nails challenge for 30days
  10. Create 101 Calendar with stickie goals
  11. Write Oprah

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