On One Week: No Television

#96 on my 101 Things to do In 1001 Days list was to give up television for one week. This Sunday evening at 8 pm I turned my television off, well, actually my laptop-I was watching season two of the Swedish series The Bridge. This will definitely be a long week for me because I love television and with the ability to access it on my phone and laptop has made it too accessible in my life.

Giving up television this week opens up the opportunity to tackle some other things on my 101 list like:

  1.  write everyday-which I have been doing.
  2. Submit one short story by end of week
  3. work on query letter
  4. Paint on Canvass
  5. Giving up Soda for 30 days starting today as well…ugggh I will miss my glass of Coke
  6. Meditate

I think the meditation will be important because television is always a constant background noise for me. Meditation, I hope, will help me focus and maybe reach some answers I’ve been searching for within myself.

Have any of you given up television or social media for any length of time?

Did you notice any significant differences?


3 thoughts on “On One Week: No Television

    1. I actually gave up FB a year ago. Once i did i was shocked that i didnt miss it. Actually tv/cable is easy for me to give up. I go weeks without watching it but Netflix and HuluPlus with access to foreign movies and tv has become an addiction.

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