On DIY Project: A Chalkboard Table for Autumn

Last weekend I worked on a DIY small table project for my granddaughter.

I’m not great at finishing DIY projects because I lack patience to see a project all the way through when it starts getting hard but I am working on that. I also talk myself into believing that only ‘certain’ people, like the talented folks at HGTV, can turn junk into treasure. I’m working on that too.

This project took me a little over a day only because of the sanding and waiting for the paint to dry. Its a small flower table I bought from Christmas Tree Shop about ten years ago for my daughter. She used it as a little side table in her bedroom but now at twenty-three she’s pretty much done with it so instead of chucking it off to Goodwill I decided to sand and re-paint it.

I’ve been wanting to do something with chalkboard paint for sometime now and this was my opportunity. It was so incredibly easy and came out so well I will probably end up buying a box of the spray and chalkboard a room….no just kidding but I am definitely going to add a big chalkboard frame in my kitchen,

This is the top of the table. I had to sand it down a bit to make it smooth and remove some of the paint. It was very easy. I just used a small sand bar I bought from Home Depot for four dollars.
This little things works wonders
The legs and a not very good picture of the ‘leaves’ remember its supposed to be a flower.


Sanding the Table for a smooth chalkboard finish.
Liquid Gold! Goes on great for any DIY novice. I sprayed on three coats. I let each coat dry an hour before applying the next. The stuff is pretty strong so I took it into a room where I could crack a window for better ventilation. I actually tied a bandanna around my nose and mouth because reading the cautious on the back scared me.
One Chalkboard table top
I only used one coat of this pretty lavender for the legs and petals.
I did sand everything for a smooth finish but this spray-paint actually is a primer as well so it covered the old green legs well. Tip: I sprayed one side and left it on the plastic to dry some of the paint seeped to the other side so I had to re-sand that side. So when I spray-painted the other side I decided to stand it up and it ran. So I had to sand that off and lay it on a clean piece of plastic and got the perfect finish without any running.
Chalkboard Top
A is for Autumn!

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