On Reading: Book #3 & My Mini-Contest Winner

The Power of 100!

I ordered this book a few weeks ago and started it last night. Some of you may be surprised that I am reading a ‘self help’ book again,  when I’m not a fan of the genre and so soon after reading Fearless.

I chose this book because I believe in Shaun King. I’m only three chapters in and yes,I see the same thread in all motivation books but there is a huge difference in King’s approach…he is actually approachable.

I can’t remember how I first heard about Shaun King but I do know that since I have been on his mailing list and follow him on Twitter I like his ideas about life, getting motivated and staying connected. He is a teacher at Life Goals University and I participated in one of his Life Goals webinars last year. King got together entrepreneurs, social activist, and created online themed platforms that each guest spoke to, it was very similar to TedTalks Youtube. I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange but what I enjoyed more was how King stayed engaged via emails. So, when I got the email that said he had written a book I went straight to Amazon and ordered a copy. No, we are not email chums but when I asked a question he answered and I like that.

King offers Life Goals services and although I never thought I would pay for a service to help me achieve my goals, because of course, I know what I need to do, I do feel like I need a better strategy and his book and services offer that.

So far I am enjoying this book. I feel like he is talking directly to me and not AT me. I find myself wanting to keep pen and paper near so I may jot down a few quotes that specifically awaken a fire within me. Big contrast from book number two.


I can’t wait to get back to fiction though! Right now, especially with all this snow in Providence, I could go for something really suspenseful. I’m open for a suggestion as long as its not Kay Scarpetta….

Last week I said I would give away a book to someone who commented in this post. Only two people responded and I will announce the winner in the morning.



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