On Television: The Returned

Monday  the American version of the French series The Returned will debut on the A&E channel. Supernatural thriller about deceased individuals of this small French town who return from the dead as they were when they died.

This will be the third foreign adapted series to be adapted for an American audience airing this month. The Slap on NBC (AUS) available on HuluPlus and Secret and Lies on ABC (AUS) available on Netflix.

I watched The Return (FR) two months ago and loved it. I am not extremely anxious to see the American adaption because American television always seems to water down the original. I was very upset with the FOX TV’s Gracepoint adaption of Broadchurch (UK) which was actually quite brilliant till they changed the ending of the American version. I’ve been watching the trailer for A&E’s The Returned and it seems different but that could be because the characters and actors from the French version are so clear in my head. I’m going to give it a try and since A&E does very well with creepy and dark (Bates Motel is excellent). So if you have finished binging on House of Cards you may want to check out The Return before Monday’s American debut!


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