On America: After Selma

I think most of us are very angry about the events of the last week: another unarmed black man shot, the GOP’s letter to Iran, the disrespect to the POTUS, and the SAE fraternity video out of University of Oklahoma, yet we are supposed to believe that racism is dead. I keep getting this memo but I keep tossing it in the trash because words mean nothing in a country built on suppression and that continues that suppression.

I am so tired of people….so tired of defending my right to life….so tired of hearing how I as a black woman and at the bottom of the totem pole…so tired of people telling me to assimilate….I am so tired of trying to keep peace with people who don’t want peace with me…I am so tired of Vouge, Vanity Fair, and just about every other magazine considering me an afterthought…I am so tired of police who shoot to kill because they are ‘scared’ of ‘big black men’ who attack them ‘like animals…so tired of FOX news….so tired of the GOP consistently disrespecting the POTUS and the First Family…

Don’t tell me racism is over when this video is going around.I am so angry and although I really do commend the UO president for handling that situation so quickly that sentiment is not brand new to that fraternity or even to many white Americans. The GOP probably has a similar chant about the President in the White House because they have been all kind of butt hurt since he’s been in office.

All of this AFTER the anniversary of the March on Selma. If these chumps hadn’t been found out just imagine the positions they could  have in the future and the control they could have over some black family’s life by not hiring a black man, by carrying this racism into their jobs with their friends. Just imagine that the people you work under could have sung the same song, probably the same ones who try so hard to convince you that the President is not a good president and is ruining America but its just politics. Or the guy at your water cooler explaining to you that it doesn’t matter if all these unarmed blacks are getting shot if the cop truly fears for his life. Imagine that and yet they constantly tell us racism is over. Oh, Okay…I’ll just keep watching this video from 2015 to let me know that After Selma some things just remain the same.


3 thoughts on “On America: After Selma

  1. These men will still go on to have successful careers AND participate in institutionalized racism. They are probably fielding job offers at this very moment.

    This is the same white america that rewarded both Zimmerman and Wilson with huge sums of money for killing Black boys. They will take care of these guys also. As will their parents who will use their positions to make sure the damage to their reputations is minimal. In a few months it will be like this never happened.

    So the wheels keep turning.

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    1. Exactly! A man on my twitter examined how the media is calling these guys boys, or young men but Tamir Rice was described as a man…the scary black boogey man and he was 12 years old.
      I’m just so disgusted!

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  2. Very good post! You spoke a lot of truth sis. I’ve done a few posts on this subject as well. It’s time for black people to be honest about the situation we are in. We have to face the reality that we are still considered second class citizens in this country. It’s a hard pill to swallow but we have to be brave and deal with this head on.


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