On Michelle Obama: She Rocks

Black women are constantly bombarded with negative images and portrayals of us. We are constantly told we are not good enough, pretty enough, or worthy enough.  However, as soon as we try to show any kind of self-affirmation we are targeted and torn down, again. And yet just like the Maya Angelou poems says ‘and still I rise. I knew once our FLOTUS decided to attend Black Girls Rock this weekend that Monday morning Republicans would be attacking her.

From FLOTUS Michelle Obama:

“No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful”

Our girls are beautiful.  We are beautiful and we have to tell that to our girls and ourselves every day. EVERY DAY!

“I know there are voices that you are not good enough,” she continued. “Each of those doubts was like a test that I [could] either shrink away from or rise to meet. And I decided to rise.”

From slavery to civil rights movement, to today we hold strong. We find beauty in ourselves and we must consistently help and love the sister behind us and in front of us. BGR!

Image result for black girls jumping rope


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