On Police: When Should They Speak Up?

Policing is a touchy topic especially when its a discussion between White and Black Americans. Very rarely, if you read the comments on any police shooting, do these sides understand each other. And that is a huge problem with the rash of Black men being shot and killed by White cops.

Last week a cop was shot by a Black man in a predominately Black neighborhood. I definitely support policing and I definitely understand the perils of their job. I respect the position because I know it is needed. I have two relatives who are Boston Police. I want them to be able to come home safely from their jobs. There is a level of respect that is missing between cops and the neighborhoods they are policing. An issue that goes far to deep and something I think police and neighborhoods should consistently try and solve.

I know there are great cops, good cops, indifferent cops, incompetent and bad cops. Why don’t we hear more from good cops about some of the tragedies against people in the communities? On my face book right now there are pages of badges supporting the cop that was shot last week. I think that is a great way to show support to the cop but on the same turn I would like to see ONE cop come out and say the way Tamir Rice was shot down like a dog was wrong. I want to support cops but I want to feel they support me as well. When do they start speaking up? The black leaders where the cop was shot came out to the media to support the cop and rebuke the shooting. Why do we always have to apologize when  ONE person of color does something like this yet we get no apologies?

I feel like I’m being anti-cop but I’m not I just want more humanization in the police force and less stereotyping. I want to know more cops names and be able to say good morning, which I have actually started doing but it has been tough, cops don’t smile. I want to know that if my son ask a question that it won’t be seen as aggressive behavior.

I want to feel their pain but I would like to know they feel mine some times as well.


4 thoughts on “On Police: When Should They Speak Up?

  1. I totally agree with you. ” I want to feel their pain but I want them to feel mine.” It is true that all cops are not bad but with all the shootings, it’s a little hard to focus on the good.


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