Cowardly Lion

I was reading this the other day and realized that I often think I haven’t come far but I have. I feel stronger than I have in a very long time, even with some of the major life changes I’ve had the last year…

Properly Improper

While swapping emails with a close friend the other day I referred to myself as the cowardly lion. Most people who know me would never describe me as such. I am often amazed at the level of respect I get from others. I guess its normal to feel like you don’t deserve such accolades.

After a divorce I raised three wonderful children alone. I went back to work after being a SAHM for many years. I bought a home where I felt my children could grow up safely. I did all the things a woman is supposed to do for her family but I did what was safe. I didn’t take any risk even when my heart felt like it was being crushed under the weight of ‘mundane’.

I wanted to be a writer all my life but doing so involved putting myself out there.  It was easier just doing…

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