On Life: Changes and Panic Attacks

Breathe. I have to keep reminding myself to do that lately, to simply calm down and breathe. I’ve made some pretty drastic changes in my life recently, I haven’t talked about it yet on this blog but I will and soon, so I find myself waking up in the middle of the night in full panic mode.

Did I make the right decision

What if my savings run out before I start making money

What if I can’t make my mortgage payments

What if this is just a bad idea

What if I’m simply not good enough

what if, what if, what if….its a river of doubt that is flowing through me and right now at this very moment as I type this I am scared shitless. I have put myself in the position where I have to sink or swim and the strokes are not as easy as I hoped. I am scared shitless.

I have been in Los Angeles for the last week and that explains a bit of my absence from blogging but the bigger part has been fighting this fear crypt keeper that is creeping up my spine with its bony fingers gliding over my neck.

I keep reminding myself to simply breath.

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