On Business: Networking

I have a networking event this week and I am dreading it a bit. I’ve been to quite a few before on behalf of my job but never for a business that I am creating for myself. It’s an event for women entrepreneurs. There will be a mixture of women who are already in business for themselves and women, like myself, in the process of taking that jump off the cliff. I am not horrible at meeting new people, matter of fact I’m great at it. I am a natural giver and when anyone comes to me openly and honestly I will go out of my way to help, so on that foot I stand strong at these events. However, on the other foot I am very weak about asking help from others.  I feel awkward asking someone for their time to help me with my goals even those who are close to me. I try to often to figure out things on my own yet I have learned that when I do ask people are usually very receptive and willing to help. I’v e been rehearsing a few things I can say to help me get used to ‘asking’.

In my head I hear myself saying:

Hi, _______ so wonderful to meet you. I’ve read/heard about what you are doing and I would love to connect with you at your convenience to discuss_________. May I have your card and reach out to you sometime soon to get some of your feedback/wisdom on what my next steps should be?

All weekend I searched Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine for advice on proper networking and getting what you need from events like this. I’m nervous but my desire to be my own boss has emboldened me to defeat all my self doubts.

I’ve linked two useful articles on how to network and networking if you are socially awkward. They both gave me great takeaways and food for thought.

Any advice or networking tips would be greatly appreciated in the comments 🙂



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