On Current Events: Baltimore

I’ve been reading a lot lately on the misconduct, or more correctly the brutality of the Baltimore Police Department and the many suits filed against them. I think the city had more than enough years to address the issues within their department before rioting began. I don’t pretend to feel the same anger the residents of Baltimore feel, the level of police brutality is still only something I read about, yet I have two sons and fear the day it hits home. I’m not going to pass judgement because  I do feel their same frustration. I see and feel everyday some level of how the system is stacked against our communities. The systems keeps telling black folks to act peacefully, yet violence is acted upon us daily. Disrespect is heaped on us from many different social and economic arenas in a game we are told we are not players in, so yeah, I feel that same frustration.

A few weeks ago I wrote about good cops and when should they speak up about what is going on in our country. I listened to the mayor in her emotional plea for calm call the rioters thugs. I’m sure more than a few of the rioters are thugs but dear Mayor, your cops are thugs too. When your residents were suing the city for brutality did you call out those thugs or maybe ordered some training, some psych evals, something to weed out these thug cops who were walking around with badges terrorizing 78yo black women?

The country is in an uproar and I’m sure more is yet to come because I have heard a lot of pacifying words from governors, mayors, and police superintendents but I haven’t seen any real actions to fix these issues.

Good luck Baltimore.


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