On Networking: What to Wear Basics

I was a basic chick before that became a really bad thing. Basically, I like to keep my career and weekend clothes simple. I tend to stick to A-line, wrap, and sheath dresses. Weekends are pixie pants, jeans, turtlenecks, t-shirts, and the classic white button down shirts.  I’m not afraid of patterns,but I tend to be very blah with accessories. I have gold watches and earrings, yeah its that bare but I’m more comfortable without them so I don’t stress about it. Part of getting older is accepting what works for you and I have.

In my work I want to be taken seriously but I would never be caught dead in a suit. Dresses are always appropriate and if a woman is confident in her style she will always enter a room like a boss. As I tread into more networking events I did an inventory of my closet and honestly, I’m in pretty good standing but here are a few pieces I think will always work well when you are selling a vision.


Suggestions On Acing your next Networking Event.

7 Ways to Look Like a Ceo


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