On the Weekend: #BlackSpring Marches & BDAY Boys

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I was personally inspired by all the #BlackSpring Marches across the country. Providence, RI represented well. I was extremely impressed to see so many groups Marching and chanting for better relations with police officers. We all know we have to have law enforcement and we respect that but there has to be a better checks and balance system to weed out ambivalent cops, apathetic cops, incompetent cops, lazy cops, and racist cops. There needs to be a better training system in place because it appears what we have now is obviously not working. As citizens, I think the onus is now on us to attend city meetings, get involved with community affairs, and offer constructive solutions to help fix a broken system!

Peaceful march downtown Providence

My favorite three year old turned four on Friday and had his first T-ball game. He is my little sunshine and favorite Ninja Turtle



Happy Monday All

get up monday


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