On Trailer Parks: Hangin Out In Providence

I love a theme and this 70’s trailer park theme bar hit it out the park. I wish I had more pics to share but when I go out for drinks with friends I am pretty engaged in the conversation and snapping pictures is an afterthought.Last night was a great night because it reached 80 degrees in Providence and when the weather is warm what is better than sitting out on a fake trailer deck enjoying drinks and talking trash with your girls? NOTHING

I’m not a big drinker and never know what to get unless there is a complete bar menu I just go for the socializing. Ogies bar menu consisted of selected beers famous from different states. I had an Angry Orchard although I’m not a beer fan but I figured a hard apple cider-like beer would be good. It was. I’d get it again. It was better than a Miller Lite LOL

I’m not an adventurer when it comes to food but I love bar food. I told you I was basic before it was a really bad thing, and  Ogies offer some different takes on the typical bar food so I tried the mac and cheese croquettes. Meh, everyone loved them but it was just okay with me. The tater tots looked really good, next time I will try those. Overall, I thought it was a cool spot to chill after work and hope to go back really soon. I mean really a 70’s theme trailer park, how damn cool is that?

If you live in Providence give them a go and if you are visiting Providence try it for a cool evening out with some eclectic and cool retro vibes.


front of ogies

Ogie's Trailer Park - Providence, RI, United States


2 thoughts on “On Trailer Parks: Hangin Out In Providence

    1. I thought it was pretty cool, especially the outside space. Outside space is fenced in do its private. Its like chilling on your own deck with friends. Really enjoyed it. If the music was better we would’ve been turnt lol

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