On Food Prepping: Eating Healthy

Preparation! Preparation! Preparation!

You ever notice how smoothly your work day goes when you’ve prepped for it? Meetings are easier, you’re more engaged, your quality of work is better, and you feel more confident. Most entrepreneurs list being prepared as one of their best habits for being successful. I agree, my most successful days are the days when I carefully prepare for my time for the following day. It keeps me on top mentally and it is why I try to incorporate the same ethic into my eating regimen.

Eating healthy is about preparation and prepping to eat well is where I often fail…at least three days a week.Image result for eating healthy

It has only been the last few yeas that I have concerned myself with my weight and although I’m not obsessive I still want to do better. I notice that when I don’t prepare for my day my eating habits suffer just as badly as my work might. I am a ‘list’ person and writing things down, yes, I still like the old pen and paper list to keep myself on track, I feel more organized. The more I prep for the week I realize pretty quickly: how mentally connected I feel with day task and just as importantly how much money I save. On average I spend at the very least ten dollars a day on lunch and about five for breakfast…none of which is healthy. There is no comparing a prepped fritatta to a doughnut or even an egg sandwich your’e buying on the quick.

Here are few of my suggestions for prepping for the week:

1. Shop with a list. Sit down and write up a list of meals you want for the week and ALL of their ingredients. Separate the list by meals and snacks.

2. Download a meal chart or make up one yourself. I just printed my outlook calendar and added in Bkfast, lunch and snacks. Dinner I tend to do separately.

2.My suggestion is to invest in a couple of cookbooks or download a recipe app for inspiration. Its amazing how quickly you run out of ideas for meals.

3. Containers. I buy them regularly at the dollar store. I don’t know how one month I end up with containers and no lids then the next month all lids and no containers.

4.Unless you are knocking out carbs pasta and rice cooked up on a Sunday can last the whole week if contained properly.

5. Don’t sleep on Salads in a jar

Image result for salads in a jar

6. Don’t forget the liquids. Water if your not near a cooler all day and some fruit to splash in it.

The level of accomplishment you will feel when you look in your fridge and see all the meals you prepared will only inspire you to be just as prepared in other areas of your life. It makes a difference. Try it for one week and you will notice the difference in your physical and mental well being afterwards.

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7 thoughts on “On Food Prepping: Eating Healthy

  1. Wow these are great tips! I’m a list person as well, usually I use my phone’s notepad. I have to do better about meal prepping for the entire week. I usually only think through the next day or so and even though I have a list when I shop, I tend to always forget at least one thing that I need! And yes, yes, yes to running out of meal ideas. I notice that when I get the urge to eat out, it’s usually because I’m bored with the same ol’ meals at home. Ugh!

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    1. Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you like the ideas. I’m trying to do better with prepping because my days usually are so much more productive when I plan out the week. I’m trying to take 30mins every night to think about what I’m going to do the next day in terms of eating and projects I plan to tackle.I always go into a store with a list, I use my phone notepad too but I also write it down cuz I love notebooks LOL


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