On Life: Not Everyone Will Support You

Nothing is more disheartening when you turn to a friend or family member with your business plan or vision only to have them show little to no support. It’s a true bubble buster.

It could be they are genuinely afraid of the risk you are about to embark on and don ‘t want you to be hurt in the process. They may just need to see how serious you are and then jump right on your wagon and become your biggest supporter.You learn pretty quickly who is really for you and who is not.

I don’t mind the tough questions friends and family ask because the tough questions should illuminate flaws and help me make a better business plan.

Genuine tough questions should make you think harder about your goals and how to logically and creatively attain them.

Then there are the tough questions weighed down in simple negativity.When you tell people your goal is to step out and own your business, be a novelist, musician, actor, anything but work for someone else…

EXPECT to be met by some ‘friends’ with the bitch face

Image result for roll eyes

There will be people who you think are close to you that don’t want to see you step out of the box they have put you in. Not everyone will support you and you have to be prepared to not get lost in their vision of your life. Recognize the toxic people in your life and either cut them out completely or limit your interactions.

Staying focus on your goal is the most important and you have to believe in your goal harder than anyone.

Not everyone will support you so you have to support yourself.


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