On Happiness: Enjoy the Weekend

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Let me tell you I have days when I feel like I don’t want to wake up. Days when all I want to do is cry in a bathroom stall but I have to be at my desk producing work. Days when I force the big smile for my children and try my damnedest to hide my sadness.  But after brooding and worrying somehow a ray of sunshine sparks in my soul and I begin to believe, again, that everything will work out. I feel blessed to have the resilience to feel the fear and fight against it , because if I gave up too soon I would not see that things generally do work out. It may not have worked out 100% the way I wanted it to but it worked out to some satisfaction because I fought for a different outcome. Try to always believe that something wonderful WILL happen even when it feels like its impossible.impossible


3 thoughts on “On Happiness: Enjoy the Weekend

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    A little inspiration as I prepare for the week! It’s so easy for me to become so overwhelmed with what I need to do, and what I haven’t done, that it takes away from those beautiful moments were I’m grateful in the moment, and hopeful about the next great moment to come.

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