On Reading: Conception by Kalisha Buckhanon

One of my goals this year was to read 52  books in different genres. The first genre was a horror by Stephen King but that is my happy zone. I love Stephen King and I loved Mr. Mercedes

I moved on to self-help and my balloon kind of busted. It’s a genre I’m not a  huge fan of but I managed to read two books, however, not as enthusiastically as I did Mr. Mercedes- I ate that book up in a week.  Between reading for a real estate and business management classes I have basically avoided any pleasure reading. I’m kind of in need for something gripping. Last night I pulled out a novel I bought in January because I follow the author’s blog. I love her post and I have read a few story excerpts and I find her to be a truly talented writer. So last night after my class I wanted to take a bath and watch Moone boy on Hulu but grabbed her book Conception instead.


Kalisha is a wonderful storyteller! So far she has showed a brilliant mastery with her words of description and character development. I know these characters and am anxious to see where they are going. I’m just thirty pages in and I’m hooked. I didn’t want to go to sleep but I started reading too late. This is one book that will become a classic in my family because if it keeps going the way it is going I will have everyone in my family read it.

Please check out her blog NEGRESSION which has samples of her writing and I will do a complete review of Conception in the very near future. Like, next week because I’m pretty sure I will be done reading it. She has two other novels and I’m sure I will be grabbing them up as well.



3 thoughts on “On Reading: Conception by Kalisha Buckhanon

  1. I went and checked her background on amazon.com. She is a great author and the readers are thrilled. But why she decided to have these books from France and London? She’s American for gosh sake! Doesn’t suppose to have these books in this country instead of having it overseas? I bet this writer faced many unjustified obstacles to make these books possible.

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    1. Ill have to check that out. She won the Terry McMillan Young Author Award. I wouldn’t think she needed to be publishrd in France or London. Her writing is brilliant…going to check it out now

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      1. Thank you so much for this nice surprise Shahidah. I had forgotten you ordered the books! Yes, I am over the self-help genre as well…more than solutions they just always remind me more that I have problems- like everybody else. I heart fiction novels and stories still.

        The books are originally published in America by St. Martin’s Press/MacMillan in New York City, and from there publishers in France and the UK and even India I hear decided to pick it up to release special editions in those countries. Happy reading and writing, Kalisha


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