On Daughters : #WCWs

My daughter is so fly. I know that is an incredibly old term, but she is the quintessential of flyness.

She is smart, intelligent, hard-working, and gorgeous. As she has grown older I have come to respect her opinion because she has what most young people don’t have: GOOD DAMN COMMON SENSE.

She’s spoiled but not a brat, my parents have a lot to do with that, but we just love her spirit and drive.

She is giving. Not selfish or mean-spirited but kind and thoughtful but by no means an angel. I wish.

There are days I feel I want to strangle her but it never outweighs my respect and love she deserves. Plus she makes a stuff chicken that is-


To all the daughters that make their mama’s proud- you will always be a #wcw just about everyday 🙂


Her godson. I love that she can love someone else so completely and give so much of herself.
She should be a natural hair icon!!

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