On My Mind: It’s 3am

This is my witching hour I guess. I randomly wake up between 3 and 3:15am every morning. I was born Jan 3rd at 3:16am, I wonder if there is a connection.
Most times I run through a list of things I want to do that day and go back to sleep. Sometimes I write, read a book, or pull up a movie on Netflix.
Right now I have a silly Canadian horror series called Darknet running on the laptop. The. Acting. Is. Awful.

I’m reading a list of classes being offered by the Center for Women Entrepreneurs Providence. I was looking for a business planning class. Nothing in Providence but the Boston or Worcester office may have one. So finding one is added to my to do list…

Adding a bra fitting as well. This week I noticed my bras were a bit uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure I’ve been noticing this for awhile now. Yup, this is the random isht that runs through my head in the wee hours.

Thinking of ways to be more organized and productive during the week. I’ve been tackling two tedious task a day. The task that are small but I put off for no real reason other than I make it more difficult in my head. Once its done, I actually feel better than when I tackle the more complicated things.


I wrote a post about a week ago about people supporting you.  It really does hurt when you see your circle get smaller of the people who are your ride and dies to the ones sitting on the sideline waiting to see you either succeed or fail.
Some surprise you.
Le sigh

I have some serious yard work to do in a few hours as well as power washing the house. I go back an forth about home ownership but this little house I bought on my own, for my children to grow up in has a serious soft spot for me. I don’t think I will ever sell this place. Ever.

yard work

Off to read till I fall back to sleep.
Since its actually morning I’ll sign off with Good morning blogging community.

Have a wonderful Saturday!



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