On Writing: Conferences and Retreats

Last summer I traveled to Pennsylvania for a writing conference/retreat at Keystone College where I met Sonia Sanchez. It was a wonderful experience. For one, I drove myself. I travel quite a bit but never alone. In the summer I’m usually traveling with a pack of nine.I love big family vacations but it was great to drive in my car for six hours with just me and my thoughts.  Second, shaking hands with the awesome poet Ms. Sanchez was great but getting the opportunity to bond with other writers from across the country is inspiring. And last, I stretched out of my comfort zone which is something I’m always pushing myself to do and was proud of my little adventure, the things I learned, and awesome writers I met. I’m feeling the need to connect again…

Many cities offer these conferences and retreats across the country. Boston has one called Muse and Marketplace which I attended five years ago, just a day event because they can be pricey. Attending a three day event with food and board can cost up to five hundred dollars or more. Attending a full weekend is not in my budget this year so  I’m going to look around for next year.

Do any of you find encouragement by attending these events?

chapter one


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