On Real Work: Working Hard or Hardly Working

I find myself constantly getting frustrated when I sit down to study, write, or research information and end up on a social media site. My phone is the DEVIL. At least it is for me a this time in my life.passion

I sit down to concentrate and with my phone just fingertips away I pick it up whenever it vibrates. I have banished it for most hours of the day only to feel completely lost without Black Twitter. I live for Black Twitter, it is my news feed but it is the DEVIL. I live to read the sharp witty minds that post all day. How do they manage? Is there a secret to it? Are they just better multi-taskers? Ugghhhhh its not fair! I can’t get shit done reading Black Twitter and trying to think of snarky shit to put on Black Twitter. Its all about the re-tweet.

black twitter

I banned myself from Facebook over a year ago and didn’t miss it but slowly I have tiptoed over that line again. Its not as good as Black Twitter though. I feel the majority of my Facebook friends are just too fluff. Do you know not ONE of my friends were interested in the story over the weekend about the douchebag haters who protested a mosque in Phoenix? Maybe because I am of Muslim faith it hit me as personal but the fact that white men can protest with big ass guns, Texas style, and not one police shooting blows my damn mind. So why do I let this distract me from real work? I don’t know.

I feel every month at a certain point I have to drag myself back to the vision I want to create for myself. Every day I have to wake up with a plan on how to begin and end my day. Maybe, soon I won’t be bothered by distractions and I will be able to write a book, open a business, AND type snarky shit on Twitter that gets crazy re-tweets but for now I can’t. I can only log in for one hour a day…one hour that feels like ten minutes.

When I sit down to work I want to walk away productive. I keep telling myself: STAY FOCUS, GIRL! STAY FOCUS!

Currently I am working on a few things that I will be sharing soon:

  • My crack at a killer business plan
  • A short story
  • Getting my Real Estate license. Finished the classes and I’m dreading the test
  • Networking reviews

I’m trying my best to post five days a week. Again, I have to drag myself back to the table and re-focus but I am working. I’m working hard.

stay focus


3 thoughts on “On Real Work: Working Hard or Hardly Working

  1. I LOVE BLACK TWITTER! Twitter is definitely the most entertaining form of social media. It really makes me laugh out loud a lot of the time–just because of many of the hilarious twitter usernames alone. I haven’t been on there much lately though. It seems like no matter what social media platform we try to stay away from, another one jumps in its place. I find myself wasting too much time on instagram and pinterest now. I too wonder how people seem to manage all of their other responsibilities and get ish done and still be the life of the social media parties. When you solve that puzzle, let me know because I think I need to limit my social media time in order to be more productive these days as well. Good luck with all of your current projects! I’d been thinking about getting my realtor license as well. You’ll do great on the test I’m sure!

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    1. Girl they set isht on fire LOL I don’t think I will figure out how they do it though. I get on at 7 and next think I know its 9pm …aint nobody got time for that…well I don’t.
      I did pass my test, RELIEF! One thing done and 99 other things to come!
      I say go for it if you life that business. I’ve worked in commercial real estate and like it and having something else that can keep me from having a boss is my goal. Keep making those lotions

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      1. Congrats on passing the test! I most definitely plan to keep making the lotions. I gotta feel out the realtor route more. My husband’s the real estate guy out of the pair but we’ll see what happens. I’m open to all the possibilities. 😉 I’m looking for more entrepreneurial options as well.


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