On Writing: Editing


A  few questions to my fellow authors-

You just finished your novel. Oh, rejoice in the the joy and accomplishment then fall back down to earth…careful don’t hit your head too hard, you’re going to need it…

Did you self edit while you were writing?
I tried to but there were many days when my fingers just danced over the keyboard and I was barely keeping up with my brain so I know there are extra ‘the’s’ needing to be deleted. I know I have to go back and discard of ‘that’ when I can but I tried.

Do you begin editing your masterpiece or pay someone to do so?
I’m on the fence- what say you fellow writers?

Did you have to do with whole paragraphs, pages, God forbid a whole chapter? How did you handle it?
I was able to let some paragraphs go, say goodbye to some sentences, and redundancies BUT I have fifty pages I’m looking at now and I’m not sure if they are needed. They are in the beginning of the book and my debate is should I just jump straight to action?


Yeah, I need the number of a great editor…I’m a writer


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