On Traveling: #Seesomeworld

The last year I have been seeing this hastag all over my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Sistas are travelling all over the place and their bug is infectious. I have grown restless looking at all the beautiful vacations of others on these feeds. I always thought of myself as a traveller but I’m not a world traveller but I’m ready to adopt this hastag as one of my new mottos. #seesomeworld

I am addicted to this site.

When I was in high school many, many moons ago I knew I was going to be the quintessential bougie American writer in Paris. I was going to have a quaint little Parisian flat only a few floors above a cool cafe where I would sip coffee and work on my travel typewriter. There were no laptops when I was in high school. but I had a cool travel one that came in its own case, decorated with Michael Jackson and Philadelphia 76ers stickers. Yeah, I sheepishly admit, I am that old.

Yeah, it looked like this.
Yeah, it looked like this.

Well, I got married at twenty and had three children. I travelled with my children every summer throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. I felt like a travelled woman back then but now not so much. I’m not trying to keep up with the joneses but world travel has always been a big fantasy, I just kept putting it off for one reason or another.

But now, with everything else I want to do with my life I want to SEE SOME WORLD!

I never thought I would want to travel on my own but I am seeing so many women of color doing just that and hey, its cheaper than my usual entourage. I want to see Paris again, and I’m willing to do so alone. I want to visit Thailand and the UAB. I want to stroll throughout Italy and bask in the sun of Spain. I want to dance in Rio, and maybe try a joint in Amsterdam. I want to hashtag my Instagram up with #seesomeworld



paris bench

But how do I afford it? I have a mortgage and a business I’m trying to get started. As when my children were younger I felt like I couldn’t do all the travelling I wanted to because it wasn’t a priority, they were the priority. I’m starting to realize that everything is a priority if you want it to be and there will always be an obstacle if I want it to be. There will always be a reason why I shouldn’t but there are just as many reasons why I should.

I can’t just drop everything like some people. I feel better with a plan but I do realize that if I want to travel I have to just do it. I have to pick a month, pick a country and make it work for me.

Universe I pick January and I pick England. I feel if I’m going to travel alone for the first time out of the country it better be somewhere I’ve already been and feel comfortable. Hi there England, I’m coming.



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