On Movies: Top Ten Characters of All Time

Seriously, can there be a tougher question? After reading Empire mags top ten characters of all time, courtesy of Crushing Film blog, I have been banging my head trying to narrow down the characters I love. Now Empire’s list is truly a guys list as well as CrushingFilm’s Blog. My list will  be a bit more insightful because I’m a woman…hahahaha! Just kidding

10.Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes) -New Jack City. There will probably be a lot of bad men on this list because bad guys make movies. PERIOD. Nino Brown was the gangster you love to hate, like Robert DeNiro’s Al Capone.

9. Alex Forrest (Glenn Close)- Fatal Attraction. Character who can’t be ignored.

8. Jules Winfield (Samuel L. Jackson) Pulp Fiction. Because why not motherfucker

7. James Bond (Daniel Craig) SkyFall. He is the best James Bond in my lifetime. I’m crushing a little too hard

6.Darth Vader (David Prowse) But I’m all in for James Earl Jones Voice. I wanted to date him…mask and all. I actually had the Imperial March as my ringtone for a time but my kids shamed me out of it.

5. Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr.) Tropic Thunder. A fan since Less than Zero but this role is the most hilarious.

4.Tony Montana (Al Pacino) Scarface. This needs explanation? I think not. Put Al on the map

3. Malcolm X (Denzel Washington) X OMG HIS. BEST. ROLE. EVER.  EVERRRRRR!

2. Smoky and Craig (Chris Tucker and Ice Cube) Friday- Can’t have one without the other

1. Jane Hudson (Bette Davis) Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. I know a few of you are like WTF? But this is my favorite movie of ALL DAMN TIME. Bette Davis is my favorite actress of ALL DAMN TIME and Joan Crawford is a close second. I love this movie and Baby Jane is the best character EVER


9 thoughts on “On Movies: Top Ten Characters of All Time

  1. Love the list! Main takeaways I had were with James Bond and Kirk Lazurus. If I’m picking a Bond, although Craig is phenomenal, I have to go with Sean Connery as the greatest of all-time. Second, such a nice underrated pick with Kirk. That movie alone is under appreciated with powerhouses like Stiller, Black, Baruchel, Jackson, Cruise, and even McConaughy. Even with all those names Downey stands out the most – hilarious character.

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    1. And Im glad someone else recognizes the absolute coolness of Kirk!!! Just an awesome role and HILARIOUS movie! Next up top 10 movies. That is constantly changing and it actually does not match my top ten characters except for Whatever Happened to Baby Jane


  2. Not to start anything, but I noticed that only one of these characters if female. 🙂 I wonder if that’s reflective of the dearth of powerful lead female characters. Bette Davis had some memorable ones for sure. Baby Jane is a great one, I also love her character in All About Eve.

    Nino Brown is a great one too. Wesley Snipes owned the hell out of that role.

    Great listt

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    1. Maybe I’m a bit sexist LOL The funny thing is my list of top ten movies is driven more by women…
      Crooklyn is my all time favorite movie but as much as I loved Alfre Woodard in it she is not in my top 10 fave characters but in my top 20
      Eve’s Bayou is my second favorite but again Jurnee nor Lynn Whitfield make my top 10 but are in my top 20 characters
      Malcolm X would be my third top but Denzel made the top 10
      uggggh I’m sexist.
      I’m compiling my list of top ten movies…it is amazing how different it is from this list…


      1. I doubt it’s that you’re sexist. I kept thinking about notable lead female film roles (even fewer if we look for WOC) and the male roles are just more prominent and powerful.

        Denzel Washington as Malcolm X is another good one. He made you believe he was the on screen embodiment of Malcolm. Such a great film too!

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      2. I was joking about being sexist lol. But if i look at my top 20 fave movies thise are more story driven and predominantly driven by women


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