On Excellence: Serena

I love Serena and it is my opinion that she is one of the greatest woman tennis players in the world. I was immensely excited for her win Saturday at Wimbledon. She is a hard worker and deserves the highest of accolades but that is not what she gets. Instead she gets a lot of body shaming and comparisons to men.

After her win I was wholly disgusted with the negative conversation swirling around the internet about her win and body…discrediting her win because she is not this small, skinny, blond woman but a strong, well-built, woman of color. Serena and Venus have never really had great wins without the tennis world questioning their right to play and win. The William sisters have been apologetically and gracefully Black. I commend them for that alone in a profession that has consistently demeaned them because of their race.

Instead of always trying to discredit, yeah I’m looking at you Time Magazine, why not celebrate her as one of the all-time greatest AMERICAN athletes of our time? A great American athlete that took the time to practice an acceptance speech in the native language of the countries she won tournaments. Who the hell us has done that?

Keep being you Serena.

Serena-Williams (1)Serena-Williams


6 thoughts on “On Excellence: Serena

  1. Here’s the thing. Mainstream media always denigrate Black women while praising White women for doing absolutely nothing. It’s disgraceful and distasteful that the media keep dragging women of color down to the point that the next generation of women doesn’t have any role models to look up to and instead feels inadequate to fit into society. Serena, keep your head high! You deserve every win you make with your sweat, tears and strength.

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    1. I do think Black women are speaking their truths more and calling out on thr BS. I strongly feel a movement started within us some time ago. We have practically destroyed the hair relaxing industry in favor of our own hair. We are making progress within our own communities building and creating our own communities even when odds are not in our favor. Media and society us coming for us hard and we still whack the ball out of the court!


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