On Black America: Sandra Bland Video

He clearly became upset because she didn’t comply with putting out her cigarette? He seriously, escalated a situation because she was annoyed? Every person stopped by a cop is basically annoyed. He seemed to take it entirely TOO PERSONAL. In my opinion he was clearly in his feelings because she didn’t greet her with a smile and a damn twinkle in her eye.

I read earlier that it is believed the video was heavily edited. I have no doubt it was because…(sigh)TEXAS


8 thoughts on “On Black America: Sandra Bland Video

  1. He was not the least bit concerned about her emotional state. Asking her that question was his reason to show her who’s in charge. Because how dare she know her rights and exercise them in his presence.

    This hurts me so bad. I think I’m overdo for a social media/news and information sabbatical. Maybe I’ll read a book this weekend.

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    1. I know exactly how you feel. Him asking her to put out her cigarette…omg he wanted to fight. He wanted to abuse her. He want to exert control and fear…no different than a rapist. He tortured her mentally and physically and the worse part is hearing white people say she was arrogant. She should have been nicer. Wtf??? White men yell at cops, berate them yet they still are able to walk away…be talked down. POC dont have a right to question. America the beautiful, my ass

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      1. White women too! I saw a video on facebook where this white woman was illegally parked. She kept telling the cop shouldn’t wouldn’t answer any of his questions unless he took his shades off. She refused to comply with anything he said. And ultimately she just drove off. And those open carry nuts can be parading around with assault rifles and cuss cops out and get to just walk away. She was not arrogant. She knew her rights. And I’m so sick of people acting like we as Black people are supposed to treat cops like the supreme authority and quietly and politely obey their every order. And if we don’t we deserve to pay with our lives. Sick of it!

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      2. Exactly. POC are held to an entirely different set of rules NOT in our favor. I have been reading many comments from people defending the cop AS IF THEY WOULD HAVE TOLERATED his behavior. I read today where a two NJ officers (lieutenants) joked about calling their black mayor an ape. This is what LAW ENFORCEMENT feels about us…that we are animals and do not deserve to have the same rights. Yes, I’m tired too…I think a LOT of us are tired…and it is very clear that showing them a video is not going to solve an issue because they don’t SEE ANY ISSUES.

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      3. They refuse to see it!

        I don’t know if you heard about the dentist that illegally killed, skinned, and beheaded that lion. If you did, white people were so upset that they managed to make him close his office and shut down his social media. They are LIVID about it. But no matter how many times they SEE, not just hear about in passing, but SEE us being brutalized and murdered all they can do is tell us why we deserve it.

        They are STILL mad at Michael Vick.

        They love animals more than us.

        Girl…I can’t.

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      4. I was gonna do the same thing, but I need a breather. I can’t wait to see your spin. I’m sure something else will happen before I ever get to it and I’ll just wait and write about the new thing.

        Give ’em hell!

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