On Money: Looking At My Bank Statement

Saving money takes commitment and diligence, both of which I, unfortunately, lack. I tell people I am a thrifty type shopper but looking at my bank statement this week I realize I am lying to myself and others. I spend more money than I should thus taking away from my savings.

I joke about Target and CVS taking all of my money but it’s not funny, not funny at all. Reviewing my bank statement  this weekend was a very disappointing task. If I bought big ticket items I would not feel so bad but I spent a lot of money on very little things.


I ate out for lunch practically the entire month, blowing at least $50 a week.
I spent way too much on toys for both my little ones but Ninja Turtles took a decent chunk.

I bought way too much junk food/fast food and not enough staples to prepare for meals.
I spent too much on hair products when I haven’t even finished the ones I currently have in my bathroom.

I’m disappointed because it is always my plan to do better when I know better and I sure as hell know better than to spend money like I have a fat P Diddy reserve.

I write about preparation a lot here on this blog, remember this post on prepping lunch, because I know how planning keeps me focused and I try to incorporate a plan for everything I do. Now, I have to be diligent about planning my shopping trips and being consistent with a budget. I want to enjoy more out of life but a lot of what I enjoy takes preparation and financial planning and it just makes good damn sense.

My New Plan-

Goal One- Spend nothing this week. I grocery shopped Sunday to have the items needed for lunch and dinner. I picked up the miscellaneous household items I need for the next few weeks so I really have no reason to go in the store till the weekend .
I actually prepped all my lunches this week. I spent most of Sunday evening cooking and bagging my meals in freezer bags. It felt good this morning to see everything all lined up for me.

Goal Two-Stop Avoiding. I have been dodging looking at my finances for some time now, simply because I didn’t want to deal with the discipline required to change. Believe it or not I’m pretty good at saving when I want something. I put away my little coins diligently for trips and big ticket items but I’m not very good at saving for a rainy day? Avoiding my bank statement I avoided reviewing where I really could save more. Just lunch alone for the month I could save over $200.

Goal Three-Use Those Excel Spreadsheets– Great, I took an excel class and I use it for work but why don’t I use it for my personal finances? I don’t use it because, again, it involves actively knowing what I’m spending and wasting money on day to day. This will take a lot of work to make myself FULLY accountable to keep receipts and record but I’m going to commit myself to this for at least one full month, starting today.

Goal Four- Ask Myself The Important Question Before I Buy. Do I really need this or do I just want this? I think a lot of my shopping is emotionally driven. New things make me feel happy even tiny things like a bottle of Clorox. Buying for my grandchildren makes me feel happy, especially my older one who gets excited when a new better Ninja Turtle lands in his tiny fingers. He expects a toy every time we go into the store. I have not been a great role model because that lesson is not good for him and it’s not good for me.

a plan

I am hoping that by the end of thirty days I will see an increase in my savings and a more disciplined Shahidah.

A few sites for tips on saving

Frugal Feminista
Life Hacker
Get Rich Slowly

Any tips any of you might have on saving is greatly appreciated!


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