On Money: Saving Tip

I was probably one of the first subscribers to Amazon. I signed up when I got my Kindle-the first generation which I still own-and I love it. I do tend to spend a bit much on books but overall I do not take advantage of my membership.

As I was creating my excel budget tracker last night I remembered my Pantry Prime on Amazon. I can have my household items like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and toiletries delivered to my door with my subscription and right now I have a $10 coupon.


Here’s why this is a win/win for me

By ordering on prime and setting up a delivery for every two weeks to once a month it stops a lot of impulsive spending I do when I run to grab soap or fabric softener. I’m guessing I could save at the most $50 or more a month! I never have to go into the store for those little items again…


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