On Money: Keeping Card in My Wallet

I know its only day three of me watching what I spend but I feel I have made considerable discoveries with my spending habits.

As I mentioned before I spend a lot of money on things I don’t need or already have at home, like coffee and food for lunch.

I have made a mental note on what my co-workers have spent this week on lunch because any other week I would be ordering right along with them.

Monday: It was lunch at a deli, I would have gotten the pastrami on a roll, $8.00 with a bag of chips

Tuesday: They ordered pizza-small pizza’s eight slices per pizza. I would have ordered the small extra cheese (.50 extra) with anchovies. $9.50

Wednesday: Applebees, matter of fact I am typing this as they are off to pick it up. You know Applebees has that curbside pick up. I usually get the grilled chicken Caesar salad or hot wings AND dessert. $15

In three days I would have spent $32.50 and if you add in my $1 coffee from Cumberland Farms everyday it’s 35.50

Not my Life, unfortunately LOL

I spent $120 Sunday on groceries like I do just about every week. I have been conscientious about actually EATING what I buy and tried not to stock up on veggies and fruit that will go bad quickly. Sunday I made up my little kale and fruit baggies to make smoothies every morning and it has saved me time and reduced stress in the morning. I also made up salad for lunch and added chicken and tuna for toppers at lunch.

So, although the week is not over I feel I am making better decisions with my money…or at least being very conscience of what I’m spending. The bit I save can be used in other more fulfilling areas. I will determine by looking over the budget I created in Excel where that money can see better use. I actually feel better planning my money than I did just haphazardly spending it.

The lesson for me is to THINK BEFORE I SPEND


3 thoughts on “On Money: Keeping Card in My Wallet

  1. Great job. It isn’t easy to stay on track when others around you are indulging, especially when it hasn’t become a habit or lifestyle yet. I’m on this journey as well. Thanks for posting and keep up the great work.

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