OnTrump: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

I couldn’t be bothered to watch the GOP debate Thursday night. I knew it would be all about Trump and from the morning talk shows, countless news updates and commentary it was exactly as I predicted- a debate without any substance because it was hi-jacked by Donald. I can’t be anymore disgusted with Trump because it’s just wasted energy. He’s an idiot and he’s okay with that and I’m okay with that. What I’m not okay with is the hordes of Trump fans who think his ‘real talk’ is worthy of a Presidential election. Are you kidding me?

I listened to a woman in New Hampshire,  a member of the NH Women for Trump coalition, defend him after the debates as being what America needed. This woman was sure to mention that she served in public office in two positions and felt Trump would get America back on its fiscal feet again. I don’t know what kind of water is pumped in New Hampshire but how does anyone listen to this man and think his ignorance, his arrogance, and his twisted bullshit is worthy of any political office talk less of the President of the United States?

White folks love Donald because he keeps it real and all I can think of is Dave Chappelles ‘When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong’ and with Trump as President the country would go wrong pretty damn quickly. Oh, stupid boy Trump can’t be bothered to be politically correct because political correctness is what ruined America. Ok, dude whatever. Wasn’t the wars, wasn’t the capitalistic gluttony, wasn’t the factories closing and moving and setting up shop in China and India…it was political correctness. So, Trump wants to bring back real talk because talk will get America back on its feet again so you hoes, and bimbos better read the memo because the Donald is real.

But this woman from NH Women of Trump and all these other supporters think he is good for the country because he does not speak like a politician. Well how about just speaking like an intelligent human being? How about reading up on policies because it is VERY clear the only thing Trump reads are headlines about himself and I’m pretty sure he couldn’t pass a tenth grade history test. But people like this woman who is supposed to be educated, supposedly served in two small offices of her states government listens to him and hears what America needs?

What she hears, and the whole lot of Trump supporters, hear is their insecurities about America and their place in it. What they hear when Trump speaks is not about what America needs but what white America wants again. 

Ignorance and fear is what Trump promotes, ignorance and fear



2 thoughts on “OnTrump: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

  1. It terrifies me that ANYONE could find anything resembling truth in ANYTHING that Trump says. *sigh* Just when I thought I couldn’t lose any more faith in white America to make any semi-decent decisions, here they are entertaining this narcissistic clown as a presidential candidate. smh.

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    1. Read any of Huffington’s Comment section on Trump and see the nightmare is REAL. I hate to blame Obama for this but its HIS FAULT LMAO he helped expose the truth behind those smiles. I’m so damn glad for that. They won’t catch me sleep ever again!

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