On Money: Two Weeks Saving

I am very happy to report I am halfway to my goal of spending less, tracking expenses, and saving more money. I honestly didn’t think I would make it to two full weeks of meal prepping and splurge spending.

I plan every shopping trip from groceries to toiletries. I go in with a list and come out with what I needed and not the things I just want for the moment. I’ve been pretty disciplined but I did have one tiny lapse.

I can be an emotional spender, something I think a lot of women suffer with around our special time of the month, so I worried about that pull to get me in the store. It happened but I recognized it for what it is and allowed myself to splurge on Himalayan Pink Salt, Wildflower White Honey, and a Spongebob SquarePants toy for my little grandson. Little things.

 So, I’m on to week three and I do see a bit more change in my savings account and I even lost two pounds.


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