On Exercising: How Did I Get Here

I was the skinny chick that weighed ninety nine pounds till I was twenty-five. I never worried about weight gain but I did my best to gain a few pounds. Ya’ll know being skinny in the black community is not winning, especially if you ass is flat and you have no boobs to speak of. Flash forward to age forty-seven and I’d give anything to have that same metabolism even though I never ever want to see ninety-nine pounds. EVER!

I’m currently hitting the scale at 141 lbs. Ideally, I would like to be in the 135 lb range so for the last year I have been half-assing getting in shape.That first day I start off strong, feel my waist and imagine that during one workout some inches melted away. I’m a dreamer like that. I need to constantly motivate myself to do better. Since I started watching what I spend I have started eating much better. The next component to that is excerics.

I don’t want to be skinny I just want to feel better and rid my body of this bloated stomach. I want to feel okay looking at my naked body. With clothes on I look fabulous and people are always going on about how I look in shape. I’m not and I know it so I feel like a fraud. I know I could do better yet I don’t understand why I don’t. Just like with my spending I want to get this under control…for me.

I started a bootcamp class last night with my daughter and daughter-in-law. It was hard but I did feel great after. Not completely accomplished because I did cheat myself a little on the last lap but my body felt cleansed in a way.So, my test going forward is continuing this week. I set a small goal of exercising for thirty mins a day for three days.  It can be a brisk walk/run, cardio, cross-training (last nights class) or anything that gets my heart racing and my body moving…blasting some music and dancing really hard with some calisthenics thrown in works too.

New goal. Okay determination. Fight harder.

Gotta put the work in! Gabrielle Union

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