On Black Girls: What is Pretty?

mayaAs Black women we are constantly told via society that we are not pretty. We are told our hair is not good enough unless it is silky and flowing down our backs. We are told our lips, our hips, and our butts are too big and too much. We are told we look like men, are brash and not attractive to other ethnicities. We are bombarded with other people’s opinions about how we should look and what pretty is to them. Our voices sometimes get lost in this, we sometimes lose ourselves trying to be what pretty is to them but we have this seed in us that grows and flourishes and we come up roaring like a lion…we are pretty too!

Our hair, our lips, our hips, our noses, our shape…God made no mistake with us. We are pretty girls too.

I found this series of Youtube videos a few weeks ago. It showcases women of African descent all over the world and their issues of trying to snatch back the narrative that we, they are not pretty.

Please try to watch a few and you will see we are all truly one.


4 thoughts on “On Black Girls: What is Pretty?

  1. interesting read and watch. I find it fascinating to think of who/what creates the description of pretty. How can your kid, your three year old think one lady is pretty and one ugly? the blond in the magazine with silky hair or the kinky haired sister from nigeria. Even at three, we’ve been inundated, programmed with these completely MADE UP truths about prettiness! Thanks for sharing this

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    1. Thanks for reading!!! Television and print dictate so much. Look at how all the things that make black women standout other women are nkw trying to achieve and yet they still try to hold us in the not pretty corner. But we keep changing the tune to ours 😊
      Did you check out any of the other videos? They are really good


  2. When I was in grade school, I remember the girls always drew pictures of themselves with blond hair. We had no black women to emulate. And the black dolls at the time were always so ugly! I’m so glad things are different for the girls now. Great post!

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  3. I endured a lot of bullying because of the color of my skin, my face, my voice. And it causes a lot of low self-esteem and mental issues that if it’s not treated on time, it could get ugly.

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