On Natural Hair: These Products Are Killing Me!

I’m still watching in awe as so many African American women have embraced their natural hair. I began my journey about ten years ago. Was a huge fan of Moptop Maven who’s blog showed viewers like myself how to create natural products and take care of our hair. She stopped blogging some time ago due to some scandal but I still pop over every now and then to review a lot of her content.

There weren’t many products on the market at that time that catered to our natural hair. Ms. Jessies was the  biggest at that time and Shea Moisture was a cheaper alternative.

I was never a fan of Ms.Jessies brand because the website, at that time was a bit deceptive in my opinion. They had a ‘silkening” process they advertised that made it seem if you used the product your kinky hair would magically turn into Tracee Ellis Ross hair. I tried very hard to get my curls to look like their pictures on the site before I figured it out. I should have guessed it earlier because you could only get he the silkening in their shop.

Flash forward ten years later and we have a multitude of products for our hair and many in big department stores. One of my favorites, Camille Rose, has been in Target for about two years now, sitting next to Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture. I think it is wonderful and the idea of supporting black owned businesses has definitely changed over time. I know L’Oreal bought out Carol’s Daughter and I need to read more on that, but overall black women are making major economic strides in the hair industry.

Now there are black women selling natural weave and wigs. A business we still have not cracked completely but one we need to own 90% of in this day and age.

Since I have been watching what I spend I have cut back on a lot of products and looking at other ways to substitute my product fix. There isn’t one. Le sigh.

Natural hair products are expensive when you are on a serious budget. Looking at a 10oz $15-$30 bottle of shampoo versus a $6 for Aussie Moist or Herbal Essence is kind of a no-brainer. But what about those sulfates and  parabens we are trying so desperately to avoid? I say the hell with it. I do my best but I’m not killing myself or breaking my bank.

I thought about just incorporating the cost into my budget and I have room to do that but honestly, I rather put hair expenses into my business and savings account.  But I’m hurting every time I go into the store!

This has become a staple for my twist-outs.


2 thoughts on “On Natural Hair: These Products Are Killing Me!

  1. Moptop Maven was huge for all of us transitioning girls back in the day! I didn’t know there was a scandal! Like you, I’ve simplified my hair care routine and the products I use. I’m a former product junkie but my budget won’t allow it. I usually stick to Shea Moisture and cheapo cowash conditioners like herbal essences, as well as use As I Am for my twists. I do love the variety of products out now and the sheer size of the natural hair section in most stores. It’s a beautiful thing! And yay for black businesses!

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    1. I loved her hair and her blog was just everything, still is my go to. I hate that natural hair products has become like eating well. Camille Rose is everything for me but 20 8oz. Nah!
      Google moptopmaven scandal lol

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