On Natural Hair: Fine Hair Problems

Ever since I decided to return back to my natural hair, close to eight years now, I envisioned a thick head of afro hair on my head. For many years I straightened my hair with relaxers and hot combs and I blamed those years for my flat fine strands. I thought cutting it off and letting it grow without processing, thicker strands would magically grow out of my head, with the right berries, avocado oils, and thirty dollar leave-in conditioners of course.  

Flash back to last night as I twisted my hair for a twist out, I finally had to, reluctantly accept that I do not have the thick hair I see in my instagram feed. I can see the sun through my strands and I don’t like that. I want a fro that looks like if you get close to the ends it will feel like slipping into a black forrest.  But that is not what I have and as much as I may want something else I have to be satisfied with what has always grown out of my head, whether it be relaxed or natural.

I look at a lot of natural hair sites and follow quite a few on Instagram and it’s very easy to get caught up in someone else’s hair. It’s wonderful to get inspiration from other women about our hair and our lives but we will always look in the mirror only seeing who we are. No matter who that person is make sure you learn to love her and not some other image.

Didn’t take long for me to accept me and my flat hair, just 17,409 days but its better late than never.


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