On Income Inequality : Pay Me What You Owe Me

Determining what you are worth is not always an easy task. Unless we are business owners we are typically not taught to negotiate pay, to just accept what we are offered and be happy.Most of us feel that it is not our place especially if we are not coming with a hundred credentials and a big family name. It’s hard to say no to a job when you have bills. It is a very defeating feeling knowing you don’t have much control over your life in that area.

Of course there are many things we can do to get above water and many of us struggle to get to the next level, like the young woman in this video. She makes $7.50 and hour at McDonalds, a multi-billion dollar company, yet her time, her effort, her sweat is only worth $7.50 an hour to live. We the taxpayer pick up a portion. Hopefully she goes to school, puts herself in a better position, and make her life a little less stressful but there will always be someone behind her working at McDonalds or a grocery store who need their job to live.

There is a fight about income inequality in the United States right now. I listened to one side say just go to school and you will be able to afford a decent living but why shouldn’t a person who is working not have that same right? Why are these companies who depend on our labor still able to get away with just the bare minimum?

As a community we have to be dedicated to helping one another. We need to mentor women and children like this or as a collective we will never have wealth…


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