On Black America: Get In Where You Fit In



I was unable to attend the Million Man March but after seeing pictures I feel like I should have just made it happen. Seeing all those faces of color celebrating our culture, mourning our losses, and demanding human justices we should have long gotten.

My heart filled with love and inspiration as I watched picture after picture on my Facebook and Instagram feeds of how strong we are in positive numbers and how much we can accomplish when we come together.

However, not everyone felt the same way. Some looked at the march and saw only a march. They failed to see the message or the vision. And you know what? That is okay if you don’t see the usefulness or the strength in the March but don’t stomp on the enthusiasm of those who felt it. We are a big group, a big part of society and not all of us are going to be on the same page but we should all want the same thing and that is real equality for the American Black community.

The march on Washington can change a mindset, it can light individual fires that encourages each and every one of us to do our part. We all have a part to make our community whole. We all have a part to create a peaceful space for our children to grow up in. We all have a part in making our community just as financially viable as every other group. We all have a part to make sure that police in our communities respect us just as much as they respect other groups and that our children are not gunned down for walking or playing in the park.








One thought on “On Black America: Get In Where You Fit In

  1. Thank you, Shahidah. You are correct. Most people will not see the vision and that’s alright. We don’t need everybody to get on the bandwagon right away. Only those who are ready to lead are needed. The others will eventually follow as their need for safety and security is met. There is still much to be done, obstacles to overcome and struggles to conquer. Those who are ready, like you, will pave the way for the timid among us to follow.


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