On Police Brutality: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Just can’t seem to escape it. Everyday there is a new video of some sort of police using excessive force on Black people. Monday was just another day in horror, just another incident, just another brown face being dehumanized by enforcers of the law.

From the look of the video you would think the girl had killed her parents, burned the house down, stole the family car and ran over two crossing guards before she walked into her math class. She was either chewing gum or looking at her phone.

I’ve read a lot of comments, listened to more than a few commentaries and interviews and the world seems stunned, again, that this could happen. We, people of color, live it, We see it everyday as our schools are more policed than others. Prison pipeline is what they are calling our education facilities. Yet, Fox News and its ilk want to demonize the BLM movement as a terrorist hate group but we look at videos like this EVERY DAY. EVERYDAMNDAY.




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