On Sheriff Lott: Where Are the Tears

It is now being reported that the fifteen year old girl thrown to the floor like trash recently lost her mother and grandmother. She is in foster care. I dare anyone to refute that if she were a white girl and the officer attacked her AND it was found out she is a recent orphan the streets would be flooded with tears!

Where is the concern and outcry for her mental health? Sheriff Lott personally saw to it that her pain was not an issue this afternoon. He made very clear her feelings, her traumas, her anxiety was not an issue but all this shit is her fault. He repeated it more than once. 

Cue the police union in 5,4,3,2,1… to demand the officer be reinstated because how dare he be fired over this trouble starter.


6 thoughts on “On Sheriff Lott: Where Are the Tears

    1. Funny thing about BLM they HAVE brought up police brutality when it was a white person…but ALL LIVES MATTER didn’t. The only group full of lies is that one.
      if you can refute your claim with evidence please feel free. I’m interested to hear it!


  1. Thank you for the update. I feel very distraught and angry for what happened to this girl. She could be the most sweet girl, there is. She could be fulfilling her dreams, no matter how little or big there are. But without the guidance of her parents, no mentors, nobody who could care and protect her, she’s at the mercy of what society thinks of her.

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